Every year I watch other promotions other than WWE and wonder why certain people haven’t been given a chance. This list is my Top 5 that I really want to see in WWE in 2016, they are making names for themselves everywhere else so why not finally get a shot at the big time…


5. Bobby Roode
TNA’s “It Factor” and former TNA World Heavyweight Champion is a man I don’t understand why they haven’t been given a shot in the WWE. This guy has the look, in ring talent and mic skills to at least get a tryout by WWE/NXT. His former Beer Money tag team partner James Storm had a brief stint in NXT during 2015 before showing back up in TNA in 2016. If WWE/NXT have eyes on James Storm why can’t they try for Bobby Roode? With TNA’s future in doubt as ever in 2016 maybe this will finally be the year Bobby Roode becomes the NXT ‘It Factor’?


4. Jay Lethal
Jay Lethal made a name for himself in TNA, but when Lethal returned to ROH in 2011 he began making a name for himself as a wrestler and not just a performer. 2015 was Lethal’s year in ROH as he claimed the ROH World Championship and ROH Television championship (and at one point holding them at the same time). Is that enough for WWE to finally notice Jay Lethal? Only time will tell…


3. ACH
The ROH human highlight reel… I first saw ACH at a local indy show and ever since then this guy has been one of my favorites to watch. It has been a few years since I’ve watched him in ROH so I believe 2016 is his time to move to NXT and show the world what talent he has.


2. Ricochet (Prince Puma)
Ricochet as he is known on the independent scene and in NJPW or Prince Puma as he is known to Lucha Underground fans is another human highlight reel. The first time I ever saw this kid compete in NJPW I thought to myself, why isn’t he in NXT?! I’m not saying Ricochet isn’t WWE main roster worthy, but I do believe he is future NXT championship material.


1. AJ Styles
For years Sting was the 1 wrestler from WCW that seemed to eluded the WWE. After WCW closed Sting went to TNA for a number of years before finally signing with the WWE in 2014. To me I believe that AJ Styles could be the new Sting in terms of not knowing if the WWE will ever knock on his door. Rumors lately have suggested AJ Styles could be on his way to the WWE, but we have heard those rumors since 2013 when AJ left TNA and then signed on with ROH and NJPW. I hope 2016 is the year of AJ Styles on the WWE main roster and not NXT, but I won’t complain if AJ shows up in NXT.


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