Global Force Wrestling Grand Slam Tour Erie, PA July 10, 2015 Results


GFW Grand Slam Tour – Day 6
Friday July 10, 2015
Jerry Uht Park – Erie, PA

A. R. Fox Def. (Pin) Omega Aaron Draven, Chuck Taylor
Moose & Sonjay Dutt Def. (Pin) Jamin Olivencia & Jon Bolen
Cherry Bomb Def. Taeler Hendrix
Eric Young Def. (Pin) John McChesney
Nick “Magnus” Aldis Def. Kongo Kong
Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson Def. P. J. Black & Sanada

I made a last minute decision to attend the GFW Grand Slam Tour in Erie on July 10th. It was a nice day in Pittsburgh and Erie was supposed to be nice as well so I figured why not go up and check out the outdoor GFW show. This is the sixth stop in the first tour for Global Force Wrestling and I figured this could be a good way to see what to expect from the company before they get a TV deal. Before this show I had never been to a wrestling show at a baseball stadium, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I really would’ve preferred to see the show in a small venue over a baseball stadium, the sporadic seating for fans made the crowd look smaller than what it was. However, I was happy to see how much energy the crowd brought out for GFW.

The opening match was a highlight for Global Force Wrestling. When I first started watching TNA wrestling (I started with PPV #1 in 2002) the X Division was what made me a fan of TNA. It now seems like the Nex-Gen wrestlers of GFW will be what keeps me entertained as well. AR Fox, Omega and Chuck Taylor all brought a different level of entertainment to this match, I hope this wasn’t a one and done for them in GFW I would like to see the three men in GFW regularly.

A match that I was disappointed with was the women’s match. I had high hopes for this match since it was the only women’s match of the night. They were more divas who were limited in the ring instead of talented women wrestlers. Hopefully once the GFW Women’s division gets established we see better matches than this.

For me the main event of the night was the last match before the intermission break, before this event Jeff Jarrett returned to TNA Wrestling and won the King of the Mountain Championship. So during the Grand Slam Tour that weekend TNA wrestler Eric Young stole the title from Jeff Jarrett and said he was bringing it back to TNA. Jeff Jarrett brought in Erie’s own John McChesney to battle against Eric Young for possession of the title. In the end Eric Young stood tall, but it was John McChesney who gained the respect of the fans for his effort. John McChesney has been on the indy scene for years and I think it is about time he gets a spot on a roster like GFW.

The second half of the show focused on some established stars like former TNA star Magnus, The Bullet Club, PJ Black (formerly WWE’s Justin Gabriel) and Sanada. Nick “Magnus” Aldis seems to be promoted a lot with GFW and I think may be pushed as one of GFW’s early stars but only time will tell with that. GFW will be taping their debut shows on July 24, 2015 and I can’t wait to watch these shows and see who is crowned the inaugural GFW Global Champion, Nex-Gen Champion, Women’s Champion and Tag Team Champions. Best of luck to GFW as they grow in 2015!


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