May 30th, 2015
Burgh Brawl 19
PWX Wrestleplex – McKeesport, PA

PWX Television Champion Jack Pollock def. Bryan Bowers
Bryan Bowers def. Chris LeRusso. As a result, LeRusso was forced to leave PWX.
Joey Vengeance def. PWX Three Rivers Champion Mad Mike to win the title
SteeleCorp (Bobby Beverly & Derek Direction) def. Kato in a handicapped match
Payton Graham & Crusher Hansen def. The Hellfire Club (Shirley Doe & Beastman) in a Fans Bring The Weapons Match
Patrick Hayes & Tony Johnson def. Urijah Baylor & Jimmy Shane
PWX Heavyweight Champion Ganon Jones, Jr. def. Stryder and G-Raver
Joey Vincent Martini won the Burgh Brawl Battle Royal, last eliminating Jimmy Shane (also entered: Morgan Rockafeller, Gory, Stryder, Kato, Shirley Doe, Beastman, Janus, Crusher Hansen, Maxx Daniels, Payton Graham, Mad Mike, Joey Vengeance, Bobby Beverly, Derek Direction, Tony Johnson, G-Raver, Brandon K, Drake Braddock, Bryan Bowers, Jack Pollock, referee Joe McCoy, Ego, Urijah Baylor, Chris Helmsly, Patrick Hayes, Clinton Crooks, Edric Everhart, and Tyler Cross)


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