Tonight is the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame, and it will be LIVE on the WWE Network in its entirety for the very first time. While we celebrate the 2014 class, I have begun to wonder what the 2015 class will look like. Thinking about some of the people the WWE has inducted recently (Bruno Sammartino and Ultimate Warrior), I wonder if anyone is really out of reach to be inducted anymore. So here are some people I would like to see inducted in 2015 or in the future…

Owen Hart
– I heard recently that Bret Hart mentioned he believes 2015 will finally be the year his brother will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I hope so, and I don’t think we have to figure out who would induct him.

– The man called Sting is rumored to be heading to the WWE. We could see him as early as WrestleMania. However, if Sting is indeed coming to the WWE I believe he is a lock for 2015.

Kevin Nash
– With Scott Hall/Razor Ramon going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, I think it is only a matter of when Kevin Nash gets inducted. So why not in 2015!

Diamond Dallas Page
– DDP’s yoga team of Scott Hall and Jake Roberts are going in this year and I see DDP taking the Hall of Fame sooner than later.

– Outside of the nWo, Goldberg could be the best thing WCW ever created. The Streak Goldberg created such a buzz for wrestling and ended at 173 victories, something that will never be done again. Granted Goldberg didn’t get as much success in WWE as he did in WCW but he is still Hall of Fame worthy.

– Sable was the first female to label herself as a “Diva” in the WWE, but from the moment she debuted in the WWE the fans knew she was going to be something special. Sunny may have been in the WWE first but Sable really was the female face of the WWE during the early stages of the Attitude Era.

Macho Man Randy Savage
– It is a shame that we will never be able to hear an induction speech from Macho Man, in the 80’s & 90’s he was one of the top talents in WWF & WCW. There will never be another one like Macho Man.

Miss Elizabeth
– The first lady of WWF, Miss Elizabeth was a valet who really paved the way for Divas of today to be sexy and smart.


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