Well last week in this rumor section we discussed 2 things: 1. The WWE Network and 2. Jeff Jarrett’s upcoming announcement. 1 of those things happened. The WWE Network was officially announced last week and we are still waiting to hear from Jeff Jarrett. So with that, let’s take a look at some of the rumors going on that could happen this week or in the future…

Ryback leaving WWE?
If you missed this idiot’s tweets over the weekend make sure you check them out. Of course Ryback has cleared his twitter history, but thankfully has a complete record of them –

Go to that above link and scroll to the bottom until you see his tweet history. It’s entertaining. Rumors are that after Ryback’s match with Dolph Ziggler last Monday (which caused Ziggler to have concussion symptoms) that Ryback could have some heat on him. WWE also doesn’t like their talent to say certain things on social media so after his little rants over the weekend if Ryback isn’t done with the WWE like he “claims to be” then I’m sure they will at least have a conversation with him about it. I personally hope Ryback is done, for me he never has entertained me. If the way he tweets is the way he is in real life than Ryback needs to leave to possibly knock his ego down a few notches.


WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014
The WWE announced today that HOF tickets will go on sale this Saturday. Leaving my imagination to wonder, could we see the first induction announcement on RAW tonight? Last year WWE announced Mick Foley as the first HOF announcement of 2013 just before tickets went on sale. Could WWE do the same thing this year? My guess is YES! Who is the better question. A good guess is Paul Bearer seeing as WWE and his family hinted around the announcement last year after his passing. WWE could go the route of a bigger name to induct to help sell tickets…let’s take some guesses… The Ultimate Warrior. Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Scott Hall. Kevin Nash. The list could go on and on. The Ultimate Warrior would be a HUGE announcement and surprise. Guess time will only tell tonight.

WWE Unifying the Intercontinental & United States Championships
I heard a few times over the weekend that the WWE is planning on unifying the IC and US Championship at or around the Elimination Chamber PPV. I am all for this! With all of the other titles unified I think this is the perfect time for WWE to unify the mid card titles. I am just hoping they decide to keep the Intercontinental Championship and eliminate the US title. Time will tell if this happens and who will enter and walk away with the titles. WWE seems to be pretty high on Big E Langston at the moment so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him walk in and walk out as champ.

Jeff Jarrett
Last week I mentioned rumors of Jeff Jarrett (and possibly Toby Keith) announcing a partnership for a new wrestling promotion. Rumors last week speculated Jarrett would announce last week. As the week went on Jarrett said when the time was right the announcement will come. Did the WWE Network seem too big to overshadow an announcement from Jarrett? Hopefully this week will see the announcement come (if it is ready). If it isn’t ready to announce I am really going to keep an eye on this developing story.

How do you like this “rumor” column? Let me know what you think or also tweet me @pghwn or leave me a comment below and let me know of any rumors you want talked about on here or just want to discuss online.


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